Sat 05 Jun 2021 14:57

The club's Safeguarding Officer is trained as per England Netball Safeguarding Policy and is well known to members, Swanley also has a Junior Representative (U18 years of age) that works with her, as the health and wellbeing of members play an important part in the daily running of club activities.

Club Safegiarding Officer: Helen Pigott:

Qualifications:  Safeguarding Young People, Time to Listen and Emergency First Aid

Junior Representative: Rebecca Griffiths

Qualifications: Level 1 Assistant Coach

First Aiders:

All of club's UKCC Level 2 Coaches hold Safeguarding Young People and First Aid certificates as per England Netball regulations.

Additional First Aiders:

Courtney Shearn-Wood: British Red Cross Emergency First Aid at Work

A First Aider is present at all training sessions and league matches

Health and Safety Officer: Janet Hills