Sun 25 Oct 2020 10:08

Without our team of coaches and umpires, we would not be able to fulfill our playing commitments and for that we are extremely grateful. Each team can expect a training coach and also a match day coach. Umpires are essential to the game, and we are dedicated to training and developing these skills

Coaching Team:

Head Coach:

Senior Section Lead Coaches:

Junior Section Lead Coaches:

Junior Section Assistant Coaches:

Junior Section Volunteer Helper:

Janet Hills 

Jaun Benton and Yvonne Rhoden

Charlie Bergin, Toni Hunt and Eilish Whitaker

Courtney Shearn-Wood

Rebecca Griffiths

Club Umpires:

B AWard: 

C Award:

Charlie Bergin

Janet Hills

Trainee Umpires:

C Award:

Into Officiating:                                                            

Sarah Edwards

Courtney Shearn-Wood, Rebecca Griffiths, Katie Tremain and Freya McCune


Interested in gaining extra skills? Want to get more involved in Netball? Then look no more!

Swanley is not only committed to making sure people can play and train, but also to their development and contribution to the sport as a whole. We are always looking for coaches and umpires from within the club and can help with your training and development.

Get involved and speak to the committee